BodyTalk Session Sign Up

Please sign me up for the group BodyTalk session.

Remember, this is a distance session, so you only need to register. You don't need to attend in-person or dial-in. I will send you a recording of what came up during the group BodyTalk session straight away.

What's this session all about? Bring more of who you are out into the world. Allow yourself to shine. Being vulnerable in front of others is a courageous, but worthwhile act. In my experience it has helped me to attract my "tribe", the people that really understand me, the people that care for me and have become central to my life. Take off all the masks and allow your life to flow from the heart. Regardless of what keeps you from honest self-expression (i.e. anxiety, certain environments such as the workplace, lack of creative outlets, etc.) this session is for you. Allow this session to rewire your brain and inspire the confidence to be yourself regardless of the situation. 

Have questions? Shoot me an email.
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